viernes, 30 de diciembre de 2011

Christmas tree stuffed with cream

Versión española

Version française

- 500 gr. flour (000 type)
- 75 gr. butter
- 75 gr. sugar
- 50 gr. pressed yeast
- 1 egg
- 125 ml. warm milk
- A pinch of salt
- A dash of olive oil
• Filling
- Cream for whipping
- Sugar
• Icing
- 1 beaten egg
- Icing sugar

Method: mix the butter with the sugar and the egg. Add the flour, the milk and the salt. Then, add the yeast and knead well for a while. Put a little of oil on the worktop and put the dough on it. Cut some portions and give them a shape like balls. Form the tree with the dough balls in a decreasing number, i.e., put 3-4 balls on the bottom, then one less and so on until reach the top with just one ball. Place it in the baking tray with a sheet of baking paper. Leave a bit of the dough to make the “trunk”. Paint with a beaten egg and let it rise till triple in size. Bake until browning at 200ºC.
Let cool. Meanwhile, whip the cream with 75 gr. of sugar. Fill the tree with the cream and cover it. Sprinkle with some icing sugar.

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